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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Enter the web with an open mind. Let yourself search without attachment or need. Become one with the linked in journey.

Type the first word that enters your mind into a search engine. Hit “I’m feeling lucky.” Notice whether you feel abundantly fortunate.

Take in the glow emanating from the screen. Experience your fingers on the mouse pad. When you arrive at a site, take three breaths. Breathe out as you leave.

See the contents on each page like the unearthing of a time capsule from 20 years ago. Do not set the SPAM filter on your thoughts and feelings. Let them come and go like popup ads in the margins of your being. Send your mind to the trash. Free up spiritual RAM.

Google Earth your elementary school. Locate the sandbox. Remember sand.

GPS your waste collection depot. Walk your garbage there.

Outline your cell phone on pieces of paper. Write wishes on them and make a mobile.

Write “Wall” on a wall in your home. Have everyone who visits you in person write messages on one half. On the other, transcribe Facebook messages.

Take pictures of your meal. Post the photos on Flickr with a description of how you feel as you eat it. Fast for three days. Play a slideshow of your virtual meal while you observe hunger.

Swap email accounts with someone. Respond to their emails with: Sent by cosmic intervention. For every impersonal email, deliver a singing telegram.

Reset your password to “world peace”.

Go to a coffee shop filled with people working on laptops. Open your laptop but don’t look at it. Deeply gaze at those who look at you. Don’t look away. Upload how you feel about each other. Consider that mind-reading technology is being perfected as you exchange profiles in real time.

Humbly close your computer. Place your forehead on its warm surface. Say a prayer for technological innovation that offers greater insight into humanity.

Let out an audible sigh. Feel your corporeal Self as interconnected as cyberspace. Reprogram the software of your body to the present moment. Breathe.

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